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When it comes to choosing a veterinary compounding pharmacy... we have all the
key ingredients.

For Pet Owners:
Summit Veterinary Pharmacy Ltd. is an accredited Ontario pharmacy offering prescription services to veterinarians and the public. Summit collaborates closely with your prescriber to fill your pet’s prescriptions as prescribed by your veterinarian. We offer many unique dosage forms to meet your specific prescription needs which can help to improve your pet's medication compliance. Through collaboration with your prescriber we are able to answer any questions you may have regarding your prescription.

For Veterinary Professionals:
Choosing a reliable, innovative, quality-obsessed compounding pharmacy as a partner is crucial to the successful day-to-day operations of your practice and the health of your patients.

Enter Summit Veterinary Pharmacy Ltd.

Summit takes the health of your patients, and your organization seriously. Summit formulates potency-tested, quality compounds to your exact prescription specifications and delivers them in an innovative range of dosage forms.

And...we do it all with an 11-Check Quality Control protocol for every prescription. You'd expect nothing less of our commitment to provide a quality control program that ensures that your patients receive the highest-quality medication.

Please take a few minutes and browse our website. Then, veterinarians may register to become a ScribeRx member and see how Summit Veterinary Pharmacy Ltd. can help.


Summit Veterinary Pharmacy Ltd. (SVP) was established in 1998 after seeing a need for special doses and dosage forms for animals.

SVP's first dosage form was the flavoured chewable, compounding prescribed doses into a flavoured treat for easy owner administration. The idea was received well and was soon seen as a viable prescribing option for veterinarians facing compliancy issues.

As time progressed, SVP continued to add new unique dosage forms for veterinary medicine including:

  • Coated Tablets
  • Flavoured Tablets
  • Transdermal Gel Applicators
  • Sterile Preparations in Customized Doses

In addition, Summit is also of great assistance to veterinary practices for back order relief during manufacturer back orders and product discontinuation.

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