Committed to quality.

Vet holding dog
Vet holding dog

Summit’s quality control program means veterinarians can Prescribe with Confidence.

Get peace of mind when prescribing, thanks to our rigorous quality standards. Our quality management system includes:

  • Quality starting materials
  • Comprehensive SOPs
  • Specialized facilities & equipment
  • In-depth employee training
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Rigorous testing
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We pride ourselves on quality

With Summit you can prescribe knowing you’re getting a compounded medication that meets pharmacy quality standards.

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Ensuring consistency

We’ve developed extensive Standard Operating Procedures, which play a fundamental role and ensure best practices at our pharmacy. Additionally, our Master Formula Records are carefully written to provide accountability, traceability, and repeatability. Our master formula records include:

  • A series of verification checks performed throughout the compounding process.
  • Process controls including mixing times and speeds, temperature ranges, and others as required.
  • Detailed documentation for traceability of all materials, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians involved, and equipment used to prepare the prescription.
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Facilities and equipment

Summit’s facilities are equipped to compound in both non-sterile and sterile environments. Summit meets good compounding practice standards, as outlined by current pharmacy standards.


Summit’s staff learn the fundamentals of compounding in our in-house training program. Our employees also receive area-specific training, along with ongoing training throughout their tenure.

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Continuous quality improvement

Summit’s pharmacy team regularly reviews processes and procedures as part of its Quality Assurance program.

Going one step further

Summit performs extensive post-compounding testing that, depending on the compound, could include HPLC, stability, potency, and sterility testing.

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