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Our tool for veterinary prescribing needs

ScribeRxTM, Summit’s secure, easy-to-use online prescribing tool for veterinarians, has many benefits:

  • Sending prescriptions is efficient.
  • You can easily search pricing, preparation BUD and preparation availability.
  • Streamline your ordering: search order history, manage billing, and more.

Veterinarians can also use ScribeRxTM for prescribing generic and brand medications, and ordering medical and packaging supplies.

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Order online

Thousands of Canadian veterinarians prescribe online using ScribeRxTM. Not registered? No problem. Setting up an account is easy.

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Get prescriptions fast!

  • Streamlined processes minimize turnaround time.
  • We ship Monday to Friday, year-round,* with FedEx
    *Except for stat holidays
  • For practitioner use only

Create prescriptions

Create prescriptions online and submit directly to Summit. We also create special preparations not found in our list of available drugs.

Search history

Review your clinic’s prescription history and search by patient, medication or the prescribing veterinarian.

Find information

Search our extensive listing for the latest pricing and availability on compounded medications and other products.